The Joint Stock Corporation: The Vehicle for Change

I am interested in "corporations" because I see them as vehicles for change. In fact, I think that, in 2018, in capitalistic modern America, generally speaking, the most efficient means to driving impact (solving problems, etc.) is via a Joint Stock Corporation.

In more direct language, I believe that the best way for me to impact the world is by participating in a company (that can mean founding, joining early, joining late, whatever).

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Deciding What to Study

Does your 'school major' really matter? I think this is the type of question that most college students simply glaze over and accept as the status quo: "of course your major matters." 

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What do you want to do with your life?

Answering "abstract" questions is really really hard. I am referring to the types of identity-challenging questions that a) have no clear answer and b) are extremely difficult to talk about with any form of practicality. 

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Soon I’ll Be Sixty Years Old

I have mixed feelings about today. Today is my final "first day." Today is the start of my senior year of college and, consequently, my last "first day of school" I will ever have.

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We're friends

We do not need calendar invites. We do not need to set up time to chat. We do not need to put time on the calendar for coffee. We do not need back and forth emails or cc'ing people or anything.  

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Writing Words

This is a note to myself that I wish I was reminded of sooner. 

Ironically, it is really hard for me to communicate just how much I believe in the "power of words." I would go as far to say that becoming an effective communicator is a skill that everyone would reap benefits from.

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