Direct to Customer Advertising

Here is an idea I have been toying with (in my head) for the past couple of weeks: direct to customer advertising. 

Advertising is a $100 billion+ industry. Companies spend huge amounts of resources (money, teams, time, etc.) devising marketing strategies that leverage modern advertising software such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. 

I will not be the first to write that the “advertising model is broken.” It is broken largely because more ads ≠ better experience for users. Users are jaded…upset…tired of being sold. We are sick of being the products. We want control! Transparency! Our freedom back!

What if we fundamentally shifted “advertising” away from mass-targeting platforms…

Here’s the idea: direct to customer advertising. We pay customers to listen to our sales pitches. No begging. No lying. No cheating.

We pay the customer – whatever our cost of acquisition – is to get on a phone call for 30 minutes with us. If they like our product…great, they will buy it. If they do not like our product, then we can stop chasing them. We can stop spamming them with ads. We can move on.

I think there are lots of interesting ways to execute this…

Imagine for advertising. Companies can “opt-into” wanting to learn more about high quality softwares and services. We become the new middle layer, we only allow high quality, value-add services to reach out to you. You will only be pitched a finite number of items per week or month or whatever. We get smarter pitching you better and better companies.

AND YOU GET PAID for every call you listen to. 

In essence, we are redistributing the value of advertising. 


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