I’m weird

Don’t listen to me! I am weird. 

You want universal advice? I am not your person. I think I am maybe 1% into truly understanding myself and probably .00001% into all that is out there in the world. At least I hope! I hope I have infinite left to learn, to explore, to chase, to dream for, and to work on. Is there any better hope?

Who am I to tell you what to do? What do I know? 

I do know this: my path will not be your path. You should not copy me and expect the same results.

My path is weird. My path is risky. My path is lucky and fortunate. Maybe I am weird. Maybe I am different. Maybe I am just like everyone else! 

Weird is not bad (to me). Weird is me. Weird is an individual’s identity – uniquely shaped by his/her experiences over time. 

Most people run from weird. They want a bucket to live in. They want to be grouped into an identity so they feel more comfortable.

The lesson here is to do whatever you want. Judge me. Laugh at me. Laugh with me. Judge with me.

But know that I am weird. You probably are too.

Think for yourself. 

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