I Didn’t Use a Computer for 22 Days

And now it feels weird to type

And now it feels weird to type

I just got returned home from three weeks away from all things technology. No computer. No tablet. I had a phone — with no cellular connection. Think of this as a “juice cleanse” but for technology.

While I can say that the mediterranean beaches were relaxing and all things swell — I can assure you I did miss my computer. I missed doing. I had FOMO.

I tried my best to focus on relaxation while on the trip — ah the paradox — but as my friends on the trip could tell you, there were some times were I really wanted to get back to doing work.

But I can say this: being without my computer was really refreshing and I recommend everyone takes a break here or there, even if it feels inconvenient. And here is what I learned from doing so…

I learned that the world still spins even without my input. Yup. It really does. While I still managed to publish my blog posts (I pre-wrote a boat load of them and set up and IFTT to share them 🙂 ) — I was not really contributing to any sort of community. But the communities still went on…Gifs were still made. And I missed out on a couple of memes that probably would have brought me some laughter.

But the reality is that other than that, I did not miss out on much. I missed some emails (actually quite a few) and 5 voicemails, but other than that … people who needed to get a hold of me found a way to find me. And all else sailed smoothly. Life is not black and white — what you do is not absolute. In the same way what you do not do is also not absolute. Yes I missed out on some conversations and opportunities to learn — but a break allowed me to refresh, reset, and recharge…And that was worth it (to me).