Twitter Style

For the past year or so, I have been very quiet on Twitter. In fact, I went from tweeting quite often to hardly tweeting at all. I also removed / blocked Twitter from my phone. I have written many times about just how valuable Twitter has been to me / people I know. I would have to say it is one of the top 5 internet services that has had a massive impact on my life.

But anyways…I went “quiet” on Twitter because I wanted to reduce the amount of noise that entered my life. I became a consumer of content (still reading Twitter on desktop) but I really only tweeted out general announcements/big thoughts. I was still active in direct messages and still learned a ton from twitter.

I thought this was going well…until I realized I was pretty much just “undifferentiating myself” and not providing any value to my followers. I do not really view twitter as only a means to provide value to people, but I do think having a unique and honest brand is long term value in the sense that people associate your tweets with who you are.

I was too promotional and was hardly using Twitter in an interesting way.

So I am trying something new. A new twitter style.

I am starting to tweet out things I am interested in. Effectively, I am exploring my curiosities, figuring out answers to stupid questions, and digging through the archives of the internet. I do not expect this change to have a massive/any real change on my life in the short run. I do not expect anything really.

But I do find it fun to go “treasure hunting” and share the things I discover. We will see how this goes.

The tweets will be about things I am interested in, lately: cities, early internet, historical inventions, empires, sports.

Here are some examples:


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