History Podcast Idea

As I have been writing about over and over the past few months, I have become obsessed with listening to podcasts. Whenever I am walking/floating around, you will find me with headphones in consuming some sort of podcast.

At the same time, I have recently become more curious/interested in global history. While I am still diving into different eras/specific subjects, I just have this general urge to learn more about “the way things work.” Consequently, I have more unanswered questions than ever, and I feel myself asking “why” all too often.

Here’s the simple idea: 

A podcast company (I love Gimlet Media or maybe Anchor) should partner with a professor/history department at a great university (Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, etc.). They should collaborate on a history podcast.

Lectures are interesting when you have a great professor, but a) not everyone has a great professor and b) sometimes they move too slowly.

Podcasts are amazing. They are intimate. They have background music. They can be shared widely, and only need to be recorded once.

History does not change. AKA it is evergreen. AKA it is perfect for podcasts.

The idea is not revolutionary…surely there are already some history podcasts. But I think this may be a huge genre…

Imagine effectively taking a Harvard history course by just listening to all the lectures.

I think forward-looking universities would jump at this opportunity to improve their brand. Short-sighted universities will want to protect their IP and will not see the long term value.

I hope this happens! I will definitely sign up.