Busy Calendar

I wrote about “the game” the other day. This essay is a tangential continuation of those thoughts. It questions the purpose behind busy-ness and makes the case that the calendar is false comfort.  More

It will work out

This essay is simply a message to my future self. As you will see, these thoughts are quite optimistic, and perhaps naive. They are not rooted in science, just personal anecdote.


fear of the end

This is kind of a dark essay, but it is not meant to be. It is a thought exercise, not a mood exercise. In thinking about motivation, many come to the conclusion that “death” is the ultimate motivator. I think that is assumed…but once we dig into it we may find ourselves asking:

Is death the ultimate fear?


Costco 2.0

I have always been a big fan of Costco…not only as someone interested in building businesses but also just from a consumer stand-point. Costco is awesome.


Solving the Discoverability Problem

Technology is good for the world. That is a statement that believe in, but one that I recognize many people, especially people from different generations could disagree with. To their credit, I do not think technology is all good for the world. And I do not think all technology, even for its best effort, is actually improving our lives. This is not a cynical essay. This is an optimistic one.


What is cool?

If I look hard enough, I will find the validation. I will get someone to tell me that my idea is good or that my outfit looks nice.


The Game

“The game” is just a game and we should recognize that. I think of the game, in this context, as the process of winning tournaments. Tournaments are things like getting into college, getting a job, etc.


Being Hypocritical Does Not Make You Wrong

In discussions or arguments, I try my best to focus-in on the truth. This is easier said than done, but it is something I strongly believe in – the truth should always win and the point of an argument is to make the truth apparent.


Information Density Part 1

While traveling abroad across 27 cities in Asia, I spent a lot of time thinking about cities – how they work, how we build them, why they are important to society, and how we can make them better. I wrote a bit about them too, nothing particularly novel, I really just wanted to understand: why do some cities succeed while others fail? What makes a city successful? This was my base layer question. And though I have no clear answer, I do have some hypotheses that came from a number of different discussions I have had over the past few months.