Moving items

Writing this down for the sake of writing this down – I think logistics is a space that will be massively disrupted over the next few decades. That is not necessarily a super unique prediction – tons of companies are now entering the space – but it is one that I think will be impactful.

While the time-horizon is more tricky to nail down accurately, what I think is certain is that we are reaching an interesting point of intersection for technologies that will impact shipping and logistics. First and foremost, mobile devices and tracking are becoming increasingly ubiquitous and will only become more powerful. The last piece on the supplier side is the actual cost of shipping, which is going down, but will decrease significantly due to autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and ridesharing.

I am excited to see if Uber can beat Fedex.

I am excited to see if new upstarts pop up that put the USPS out of business.

Also, check out:

I think the opportunity to improve the way we “move things” from place to place is just really starting to shift. We have been relying on the postal service for years, but surely there are more efficient means of shipping.

Ridesharing may unlock this.

Autonomous vehicles may unlock this.

The combination of them both may be the winner?

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