Door to Door Delivery

Have you ever had a package stolen from your front door? I did…last year. And it was a completely foreign concept to me when it happened to me. Growing up in the suburbs, which saw very little crime, I had no idea that “mailbox safety” was such a privilege. But it is.

You may be shaking your head. This may be an obvious problem that most people have to deal with.

But this is just a classic example of how one can be completely ignorant to a major issue, simply because of where I was born / the bubble I live in. I am not saying poor me, poor bubble. I am saying that this is an example of how the world works – you only think of the problems that are closest / convenient to you.

Mail theft is a real thing, and I think it unfairly discriminates against people who live in areas where it is rampant. I say this because Amazon and all the other delivery apps have become massively popular – to people who can safely receive mail.

To others, I can only imagine, without a place to mail things to, these services are useless.

How can we improve the door to door delivery experience. Should we have lockboxes for mail-people to use? Should we let them inside like AMZ is proposing?

I am not sure the exact solution – but nonetheless a fairly interesting concept to think about.



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