Music’s Influence

Growing up, I rarely (if ever) listened to music. I never really went to concerts or even had music playing at home while I worked.

Only recently, can I say that music has really become an important part of my life. I now listen to music all of the time – walking to classes, studying, and just hanging out with friends. 

In the past year, I have been to dozens of concerts. I went to EDC Japan. I went to the full moon festival in Thailand. I went to a big music festival Nashville. I have probably increased my “time spent listening to music” by 1.5x. 

And, as I have written about several times before, music is a part of my memory. 

I think the coolest thing about the latter is that inside of music, I find memories and shared experiences. We probably all see this, but when I listen to a certain song I am often immediately transported back to a particular life experience. In just a few beats, I am taken back to a previous world.

I remember everything: what I was doing, who I was with, what I felt like. My emotional state.

I play Chance and I am taken back to my first summer in San Francisco – walking around the city. In the sun. Smiling.

I play some old drake songs and am taken back to long car rides with my friends in high school.

It really is amazing what music can do to an environment. It can spread a message and generate a vibe that radiates through people’s minds. 

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