Every Day

I publish essays every single day. It is not because I have to, it is because I voluntarily want to. It is also not because I have many external incentives for doing so…I do not get paid to write these essays. Very few of these essays really go viral.

As I have said many a time in the past, I write for myself…to myself…to better my mind and become a stronger thinker capable of synthesizing ideas and information. 

Writing, publishing is like going to the gym for my brain. I write to think – to “workout” my thinking.

Not all workouts are as valuable, but, after years of repetition, I have dramatically strengthened my “thinking” muscle. And I do this literally every day. 

People often ask … “how do you do it every day?” And I never say that others should necessarily “follow my path.” 

What I do often say, though, to the person asking is “do you brush your teeth every day?” 

We brush our teeth every day because, when we were younger, someone told us it was important. 

What if they had told us to blog every day? Or do 100 pushups a day? 

We can reprogram our brains to think and act a certain way that is most representative of our priorities. Often, we say we want certain things and never really act on that want. In other words, we do not care enough about them. 

Getting in the mental gym has been an amazing experience. Surely you do not have to write. You can “workout” in a number of ways. 

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