Collection: Communication

I just created a new collection that I am calling a guide to communication. It has a “starter pack” of essays I have written that may be helpful to you in navigating the world of networking and building relationships.

This collection is nowhere near perfect nor a recipe for success, but rather a simple resource I wish I had to give me some direction when first starting out and interacting with the real world. Most of the notes that I left in there stem from real examples, emails I have sent and conversations I have had with others.

Though I have shared and grouped various notes together before, this is my first more formal stab at launching a collection – a bunch of resources tied together over a particular theme. One thing I am personally very interested in is understanding the flow of my writing. I know my life moves in waves, my mood falls into ever-changing seasons for which I struggle to maintain equilibrium. I am interested in how my writing (and therefore my thinking) has evolved thematically. I am interested in better understanding how and why I decide to write about x during x time of year and how this “scales” to more of my actions.

Anyways, grouping and building collections is just one way I am trying to better understand myself, while at the same time trying to create something of some value to at least one other person. Again, it is far from perfect!

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