Living in the Moment is the Biggest Productivity Hack

I think a lot about time – a resource that is seemingly infinite but really finite. Time, as the old adage goes, is the most precious resource we have. Yet, we often fail to empathize with its value…until it is gone. 

Paradoxically, people spend lots of “time” figuring out how to get more “time.” They read essays like this one, implement different time saving and time maximizing techniques. They try out weird habits and experiment over their lives – all to get more time back!!

I have done a lot of this over the years. I think some of it works…a lot of it is fluff and does not actually help you accomplish more. Of course, I think you should try whatever works for you. Though, I think sometimes the best “hacks” in life are indeed simple and hard. 

Here is a simple and hard “productivity hack” that has helped me get my time back under control. 

It is living in the moment. Seems abstract and obvious. It is not. 

Don’t use your phone. Don’t text. Don’t go on twitter. Slow down. Do one thing. Just focus. Read this essay. Breathe. Talk to a friend. Play a game. One thing at a time. 

Purposefully living in the moment…literally being able to focus on one thing at a time…slows down the world. 

Our brains get caught up in all this motion. We are the filters. We should identify the signal and grab onto it. 

Living in the moment is hard. Really hard. Being present is hard. But it is well worth the investment (if you care about maximizing your time). 

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