The Game

“The game” is just a game and we should recognize that. I think of the game, in this context, as the process of winning tournaments. Tournaments are things like getting into college, getting a job, etc.

The game is real. It is perhaps valuable. And being good at playing it is generally a strong signal.

But let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment…the game is just a game.

The game is not action. The game is not doing. The game is not really core to problem-solving or making a real difference in the world. The game, rather, is far more political. It is about “gaming” the system and navigating social spheres. You can be good at the game but not a great athlete. Conversely, you can be a great athlete who is really bad at playing the game.

Importantly, we are all playing the game in 2018. It was different to get a job in 1950, 1850, 1400, etc. It will be different in the future.

I know people who are great at the game. They can ace any interview.

But does that make them great players? 

That…I am not sure.

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