What You’ll Learn in College

and Why You Should Make Your Own Decisions

What You’ll Learn in Collegeand Why You Should Make Your Own Decisions

and Why You Should Make Your Own Decisions

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Tuition prices are soaring. Millions of students are falling under debt. People bet their livelihoods on paying for their children’s outrageous college tuitions.

Is it worth it?

How can it be?

What could you possibly be learning in college that justifies an ever growing $70,000 plus a year experience?

I am going to make the case that college is worth attending (for most people), if you can. I am not in the boat of people that sells you to “drop out of school because it is a waste of time.” I am also not in the group that tells you “you must go to school to be successful.”

I’d like to think I am moderate on this issue. I think that each and every individual has their own unique set of goals, preferences, and circumstances that should factor into the decision of whether or not they should “invest” in receiving a 4 year (or more education). Depending on that set, they can also decide which Universities are best for them and which perhaps sub-optimal.

As an aside, I have found often that people who “sell you” on dropping out of school do not always a) understand and b) empathize with your unique circumstance. I mean how could they? It is really hard to understand what is best for someone else — let alone something so big as where to allocate their life for 4 years. I try to avoid people who sell me grand advice like this as it is often more of a factor of hindsight bias than it is tactical and applicable.

So back to school — say you decide to attend, what should you expect to learn?

Is school stupid? Are classes dumb? Is it all a waste of time?

My answer: no.

Trust me, I hate some of my classes. For context, I am studying Finance and Computer Science. I am not really interested in Finance.

But regardless, for me it is besides the point.

Classes are not everything. If you learn in class, great.

But what you learn at school is how to deal with things, people, and environments that are often uncomfortable and different.

In college, you do more. You are around more people. You study longer. You go out longer. You read more. You type more.

If you are doing college right, you are doing more than you would have elsewhere. If you are doing college right, you are meeting tons of people, taking things you are interested in, and joining groups of people that motivate you to be better.

You’ll learn how to fight on your own.

You’ll learn quickly how to deal with failure.

You’ll learn how to communicate well with people your age. How to deal with uncomfortable social circumstances.

You’ll learn how to deal with administration — a body that moves slowly and has lots of inefficiencies.

You’ll learn how to do laundry. How to clean your room.

How to be alone.

You’ll learn a lot in college — if you do it right.

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