Let’s stop

If you have ever met me in person and engaged in any sort of discussion on decision making, you have likely heard parts of this rant. This it not my complete thoughts - as I am hastily throwing this onto the page - but they are thoughts nonetheless. …continue reading →

New Environments

I find it pretty amazing that by simply forcing yourself to be present in a new environment, you can radically change your thoughts and perspective. It seems naively obvious, but literally putting yourself in a fresh situation, surrounded by different types of people, different styles of thinking, etc. can dramatically move and shape your mind. …continue reading →

Odds Stacked Against You

I went to casino and gambled for the very first time yesterday. I would consider myself an extremely competitive person in the sense that I despise losing, especially to "machines" and things I do not "perfectly" understand. …continue reading →

Deeper on Incentives

How do you learn to learn? Better yet, how do you help other people learn to learn? In other words, how do you teach the ability to learn faster? How do you make people more curious? How do you have them ask the "right questions?" …continue reading →

Twitter Style

For the past year or so, I have been very quiet on Twitter. In fact, I went from tweeting quite often to hardly tweeting at all. I also removed / blocked Twitter from my phone. I have written many times about just how valuable Twitter has been to me / people I know. I would have to say it is one of the top 5 internet services that has had a massive impact on my life. …continue reading →

History Podcast Idea

As I have been writing about over and over the past few months, I have becomeĀ obsessedĀ with listening to podcasts. Whenever I am walking/floating around, you will find me with headphones in consuming some sort of podcast. …continue reading →

Companies are VCs

Over the past ten years, b2b SAAS businesses have exploded across private and public markets. B2B stands for "business 2 business." These are companies selling "enterprise software" to other enterprises. SAAS stands for "software as a service," generally powered by a subscription revenue model. If executed correctly (which is hard), these businesses can reach extreme scale under high high margins. …continue reading →