Over the past few months, a few friends and I have been building bookclub – a simple way to log, track, and share the books you read.

We’re launching bookclub profiles today!
 Profiles are simple and seamless.
This is just the first page of a long roadmap we have ahead (stats, communities, feeds, etc.) but we would love to hear what you think about “square one.”
1 – Would be awesome if you could create an account and comment/share it! We’ll be featuring/sharing profiles across social. (@joinbookclub)
2 – What do you want to see next? In tackling such an obvious opportunity, we are overwhelmed with ideas. Infinite things to build. What do you see as the most important next step in building out bookclub?
Thanks for the support! 😻 (as a small disclaimer, we earn revenue as partners of the Amazon Affiliate Program). Whose profile would you like to see? Tag them on twitter/social!