Learning Companies

I think the only way to stay competitive in a fast-paced market is to learn faster than anyone else. When the world is changing so quickly…

What Are You Optimizing For?

As I’ve detailed on and on in these blog posts, I am a big proponent of making a conscious effort to become more self aware. Regardless of…

Reading Books

Since I came to college, now nearly two years ago (finishing Sophomore year), I pretty much abandoned my interest/desire to read books.


Being on time is a controllable, competitive advantage. Note to self: be on time to things, even if you are in a position of power for the…

What’s Next

In case you have not been following, a few months ago I launched my personal newsletter titled “What’s Next.”


How often are we actually “present” and thinking in the moment? Right now, while you are reading this, what are you thinking about? Are you…


When making a decision, how often do you consider all benefits and costs associated? And which do we leave out?