Operational Experience

Why you Want Operational ExperienceA Valuable PerspectiveBTW- building is super fun, that’s reason #1. and if it’s not fun to you, don’t read this.It is hard to empathize with someone if you have never “stood in their shoes.” And in order to give the best advice, you must be able to…continue reading →

To Raise or Not to Raise

The Dillemma A Lot of Startups FaceA common dilemma among growing companiesChase hyper-growth or slow and steady?The age old question: does slow and steady really win the race? The tortoise seems to think so. But do companies? Specifically “hyper-growth” tech startups?This is quite the balancing act for growing companies. On one…continue reading →

Your Health MUST be Number One

Health is hard to appreciate. It is hard to place a big value or truly understand the importance of your health because you were born with…

Sifting Through Noise

I’d argue that most of the time when I fail at something it is not because i was not good enough to be successful or that my idea or…

We All Start at Zero

We All Start at ZeroMe, You, even @justinbiebersteepI like to think of life as everyone starting in the same place. From ground zero. Of course, that is not true. People are born with advantages — money, looks, whatever it may be.But for us commoners, plebeians, I think there is no use in…continue reading →