One Week in San Fransisco: What it’s Like

Initial Thoughts

the bay

It feels like just yesterday that I said goodbye to my family and moved to San Fransisco for the summer. Well, it was like seven days ago. And I have to tell you that time flies when you are chasing a dream.

The dream, of course, is to be in SF, “the bay,” right?

At least that is what everyone tells me the dream should be.

Everyone says that the dream is to live in the big city and reap all the incredible benefits of working at a tech startup. Just like the show Silicon Valley…right ?

So it’s been a week, what am I thinking?

San Fransisco is an incredible place. I am a huge fan — even moreso than I thought I would be.

I am about to go into an explanation about what I have loved thus far about SF but this is not to say that there are not problems in this city. In fact, there are many problems — and people often get too wrapped up in what I am about to “brag” about that they avoid tackling many very real issues.

The benefits of coming to the bay are plentiful but I am just going to name a few:

The first and biggest change for me coming to this city was the incredible pace of life. Having lived in suburbs for the majority of my life — I did not expect to see such a radical change in pace of life when moving to the city.

But I think that SF is even faster paced than most high density populations. It is really hard to describe, especially over a few lines, but there is this buzz here. You can’t put it into words.

But it is something in the air — some feeling that motivates you to go out and do something awesome.

***sounds like bulls*t — come here and try it out.

Which leads into my second emotion — that motivation I talked about. It is alive and well because everyone here seems to be doing something.

I won’t forget — I was in line at some organic coffee bs shop and the person in front of me was going through their pitch deck while the person behind me was talking about their CACs. People here do business — all the freaking time.

I like that a lot, because it makes it hard for me to make any excuses.

While I’ve been here, I have also been working a lot. By that I mean I wake up around 6 — write and do some help for some awesome companies.

Then I go to my full-time job at RealtyShares downtown. I am there until 630 — and then take the bus back home.

Other than working, I try to talk to really interesting people. I have had some awesome chats with really inspirational people over the past couple of days and it has continued to motivate me to move forward.

The last thing I want to touch on is my goals for this summer (I’ll write a full post on this later) but they are pretty simple:

I want to be happy (and find what makes me happiest).

I want to be healthy (hit the gym more).

And I want to learn.

If I can accomplish all of those — boom. that would be incredible.

In conclusion — this has been an awesome week — and I can’t wait to really make the most of this city for the rest of the summer.

Thank you so much for reading 🙂 let’s connect on twitter — @jrdngonen or via email