Being different is not enough

In many ways, I feel society pushes you towards conformity. You should walk a certain way, talk a certain way, dress a certain way, etc. I think, generally speaking, we look down upon that.

To counter this idea that most humans are fundamentally the same creatures, we all like to think we are different in some special way. 

I would first say I do not think that is entirely true. Plenty of humans would prefer to fit in with the crowd, mitigate risk, and not have to feel the pressure of being different.

We romanticize the idea of being different. Not everyone should aim for that? So why do we hype it up so much?

Is being different valuable? Valuable for what?  

I do not think being different is enough to automatically achieve some sort of long term results. Being different should never be the goal...right? It should just be a by-product of whatever goal it is you are trying to get to.

We can celebrate being different...but should we aim to be unique? 

If so, why?

(I am not sure the answer here).