Sometimes we do things just for the checkmark. I have tried to cut lots of those things out of my life, but I still find myself investing my time in resources in things without conviction - just for the checkmark.

Here are a few examples in my own life.

I go to class most every day. Often times (not every, but most) - I do not really learn much in class. I can blame that on a number of factors (disinterest, difficulty in learning from a lecture, etc.), but the reality is that I know I am not that passionate about showing up to that class. 

I go for the checkmark. 

I go to feel like I did something during those two hours.

Well at least I used to. 

But now, I know that there are infinite other things I could be doing that time and I am beginning to question more and more if that checkmark is really work it. 

I my future...I would like to cut everything out of my day that I am just doing for the checkmark.

I want the freedom and optionality so I can decide what I really want to do with my time.

I want to be able to be spontaneous. I want to be able to work as hard as possible on things I care about, and not spend time on things I do not care about.