Dockless Bikes

The modern city will be optimized for people (not cars). While it will take time, cities of today will transform as driverless cars pick up in popularity and people realize that we need less and less space for cars and parking.

In that shift, I bet we will see "dockless bikes" expand rapidly to every city, campus, and urban space. 

Here is how dockless bikes work (and they complete transform cities): 

Essentially consumers just pick up a bike and ride it anywhere in the city. When they are done, they simply drop it off wherever they end up. 

As the name implies, there are no docks that you have to drop your bike off to (which is an annoying friction point that currently exists with traditional bike systems). 

Dockless bikes are more efficient and easier for everyone to use. 

And..soon...every city will have them! 

Investors are already starting to pour tons of resources and money towards these projects. 

Will we have lots of companies doing this or one monopoly that everyone comes to trust (or distrust)? 

One question I have: 

- how will bike repair work?