Feelings Hurt

I think we all say that we do well with harsh, direct feedback - but the reality is not the case. For a while, I took everything literally and personally. 

When group members did not like my work, I took it to mean that they did not like me as a person. 

But when I began working more in "the professional sense," this was a sophomore in high school, I learned, quickly, that the workplace was not the world for ego and personal bias to get in the way.

Only now, some 6 years later, am I realizing just how valuable and important of a learning this is - one that I feel far too many working professionals have still not mastered.

And I am not saying this is something that is easy to master, as I find it to be human instinct to involve our ego in decisions. I still do. 

And it is also not something that you can *just* master after a few experiences. I am not sure you can ever completely master thy self - rather, it is a craft that must be constantly paid attention to. It is something that evolves with you as a person.

Most of us think understanding ourselves is a personal journey. And while it is (and does have a massive impact on ourselves as people), it also can dramatically influence the way we work (and affect those around us).

One of the biggest benefits of disassociating your feelings from the data and logic that you work with is that you begin to think and make decisions more clearly. 

You are no longer concerned about who is right, but rather that we all are right. That the company is right. That you are doing whatever it takes to move onwards.

You are no longer worried about getting the credit. You are no longer worried about the personal critiques. You are no longer thinking about your exist options.

You just work on what is most important. 

And in that world...no one gets offended.

No one gets their feelings hurt.

And we are all better off.