"How can I help?"

Of all the parts of Silicon Valley culture, the one thing I still really cannot come to terms with is just how everyone ends their calls with "let me know if there is anything I can do to help." 

People put in their emails.

They end every conversation with an offer to help.

I do it sometimes.

Is it a power trip? 

Like what is going on here?

Growing up, I never ran into that circumstance. Like people were nice, but they were not constantly telling me that they could ambiguously help me. 

Often when people say they can help, they do not say how. I wonder how much more helpful we could all be by leaving conversations with very tactical and specific ways we can be of value.

"I can help you meet x person. I can help you get stronger. I can help you learn to write consistently."

How can you help? When you offer to people, do you really want to help them? If so, who have you helped and how did it go?