Letting my monkey mind crawl

The "Monkey Mind," originally a Buddhist term meaning "unsettled/restless," has really fascinated me as of late. Particularly, I am interested in understanding how this instinctive mind lives within all of us. Better yet, I would love to understand how to best tame / train my monkey mind into being a cooperative part of my existence. 

It sounds deep and philosophical but I find a lot if quite rational. The idea is simple. We are all animals at our core. In our brains, there is a bit of wild left in us in the form of this "monkey mind." 

For many of us, this monkey mind can take over our lives.

Facebook/Social media broadly abuse this monkey mind into going wild. 

Money does the same thing.

Taming it is very challenging and I see it as a continual challenge. 

I saw this tweet that I thought was interesting: 

It effectively summarized one of the major reasons I write. Writing is a tool I use to let my monkey mind crawl. I give it space to go out and do it's thing on a plain canvas.

This exercise, over hundreds and hundreds of days, have proven to be very valuable for me internally.