Monkey MindWe all have a “monkey mind” that represents our inner ego.

We all have a “monkey mind” that represents our inner ego.

The monkey mind is noisy. It is easily distracted. It is constantly chattering and distracting us from the present.

But we all have a monkey voice inside of us…while many of us are unaware…it is guiding many of our decisions.

It is impossible to fight the monkey. And while suppression can work in the short term, it is largely unsustainable. In the long view, the monkey will always be there. No matter how much money we have or do not have, or however old we are, we will always have an ego.

Some of us are more conscious of our monkey mind and actively try to train it.

I, personally, am a big proponent of doing “brain dumps” every morning — where I empty my head from my monkey mind.

There are lots of interesting remarks on this by a number of philosophers and buddhists…would love to know what others think:

By jordangonen on November 26, 2017.

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