Personal Stories

I used to keep an Evernote journal where I would write down a brief, bulleted summary of my day. The musings would include everything from depressing anecdotes to day to day highlights. I did this for about a year (Freshman to Sophomore) year of college. 

I stopped keeping a very formal journal. I still publish these daily blog posts publicly - and I write down lots of little notes in notebooks and sticky notes. 

For all that I have written over the past few years (600+ posts), many of my stories/learnings are still somewhere lodged in my head. 

And while none of the learnings that I have had are truly general and worthy to be given as prescriptive advice - I think it may be interesting for others to hear more personal accounts of experiences that I have had. I find that sharing the first person perspective is a great way to bring transparency to situations that are often clouded.

So I would like to write more about my personal experiences - building companies/projects, traveling the world, being a college student, learning, failing, etc…

I have learned a lot from others experiences, and I want to get better at telling my own. Of course, luck has played a huge factor in most of what I do, and I want to recognize that in my writing. 

But I also want to learn how to tell my stories in a way that is both concise/digestible and interesting/thought-provoking. 

This will probably not be a massive change in my style of writing - as, to date, I try to already bring an honest and relatable voice to my essays - but it will change the scope to which I will write about. 

Will see how these changes stick! And let me know what you think :)