Private groups

Private group chats are making a resurgence and in my mind, will be here for a good time to come. 

Though I have had a Facebook account for the last seven years or so, I have only actually posted something one or two times. On twitter, I have shared more often, but still nothing compared to the number of text messages I send every day.

Slowly, the internet is becoming silo'd into niche communities about various subject matter.


Slack channels.

DM groups.

This is where the magic is happening.

The best conversations are not happening on newsfeeds anymore. 

They are happening in little pockets of the internet.

I started a slack group with 20 people I met on the internet. It has proven to be immensely more valuable than any other channel. 

Starting to develop these relationships within different areas will be extremely valuable over time. Yet no one sees it coming. They are building out big social profiles but not small tight knit communities.