Read to Learn Old Things

Life changes quickly. Blink and years go by. Cultures are changing quickly. 100 years ago, we had no phones. No computers. No iPads. No ethereum.

Today, everything hinges on how fast our wifi is...right? Technology evolves incredibly quickly - so much so that they only true way to keep up with new trends is to fully immerse one's self in the world that is tech. What students are learning in today's classroom will be part of the history books in less than a decade.

But there are certain, more permanent aspects of society that operate the same way today as they did years and years ago.

We may think that life is so different. We may think that technology has completely changed us. But the reality, the one that us humans fail to see because of our own biases, is that fundamentally, we are much more similar than we may think - even to our ancestors years and years ago. We still have the same basic needs. We still learn much so the same way. We still think the same way. We still run into the same problems.

We are still selfish. We still want attention. We still make mistakes.

There is so much of life that is part of the process of history. 

So where do you go to learn about this fundamental aspects of humans? 

Do you ask for advice from successful people? Do you read blog posts? Do you watch videos?


You read books.

Books are purposeful. 

Books are collections of the learnings of history.

To learn about the past, and prepare for the present - read books. 

I like biographies. They are a good way to learn about how people lived before us.