How much of human behavior can be explained? It is an interesting question, bordering the lines of nature vs nurture, that has no universally accepted answer.

I am becoming more and more fascinated in understanding how people think and make decisions. It is a field and practice that is as much a scientific strategy as it is an art - something that can be fine tuned through experience and practice.

I particularly enjoy learning about incentives and how they play a role in determining why we do what we do. They seem like such a simple thing, and as I am learning, I am realizing that the driving forces behind much of our decision making power and the choices we make come down to simple incentive alignment.

Most of us are driven by tangible and foreseeable rewards.

We run towards certainty - or at least some "thing" in the future that we can actualize and put a value on today.

The same is true as individuals within an org. 

While we all may share values and work together towards goals; we all have our own personal beliefs and mission statement that guides us. I think that the best managers recognize this.

Awareness is rare. 

Simply being aware is extremely valuable. Recognizing biases leads you to ask the right questions at the right time.