Sticking Around

One thing I am particularly cognizant of lately is just how influential the content of my work affects my productivity and excitement.

I simply am 10x less productive when I am working on things that I do not believe in. If I cannot see the value, frankly long term, compounding value, in an activity, then I generally find I am far less passionate about it.

This trickles down especially to my classes, many of which are really auxiliary to my interests. 

The weird tendency I have, though, is that I still spend *tons* of time doing homework and studying for exams.

This is completely opposite to my bias I talked about in the first line of this - that I do not like to do things that I am not interested in.

So why do I spend so much time with school?

If I do not believe in the long term value add of studying so much...why do it?

I think the answer is that I do not have enough conviction to stop spending time in school. Social pressure has gotten to me. And although I am aware that I would likely be fine without so much time in classes...I have not broken free from the barrier. 

It is not that I am concerned so much for my professional future moreso my social one that drives me to stay in school.

Life should be fun.