The media has become more and more of a foundational piece of our society's infrastructure. We live in the information age, where anyone who has access to information has the power. 

In theory, facts should be ubiquitous...but we know that is not always the case. (perhaps technology should improve that).

The news has been talking about the problems with "fake news" for the past few months now...and lots of people are complaining about the "fraudulent media."

I too dislike listening to biased perspectives on the media. I like the truth! Right ?

Lately, I have been thinking about that claim.

Do people (the masses) actually want the truth? Do they want the hard facts?

Or do they simply want their bias confirmed?

I think the latter is far more representative of what people are generally actually looking for in life. 

And sometimes...the truth can be scary. A wake up call. Unsettling.

The truth is often uncomfortable.