What’s Next — Chips , AI, Gates

by Jordan Gonen

by Jordan Gonen

Hey! Are you working on anything new? What is holding it back? How can I help?

Question of the week: “What is something that you used to believe in, and now you fundamentally disagree with?”


Articles to Read.

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Apple Prime and the iPhone Pro

The Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence and How Fake News Could Get Much Scarier

Return and Ridicule — The Process of Entrepreneurship

One Day, We’ll Have Chips in our Brains

Rules of Machine Learning

How Losing Soundcloud Would Change Music

In a few years, no investors will be looking at AI Startups

AI Progress Measurement

A Late Math Genius

Bill Gates made these 15 Predictions in 1999 — which are true?

 — Elon Musk Proved Everyone Wrong

Companies to Watch.

OnboardIQ — Intelligent Hiring Platform

Mendel — Cancer Treatment Discovery

Omni — On Demand Storage

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My Update:

– As of today, I have published a public blog post 502 days in a row — boom.

– Have been meeting with lots of interesting people here in San Francisco! Know anyone I should meet with?

– Working on a publication around students/career advice — let me know if of interest! (we need people to interview)