Developing Enthusiasm

I think, as I have gotten older, one new thing that I have developed is an extreme distaste/cognizance of when I am wasting others time. I try, in everything that I do, to be aware of not only how it affects my own doing, but also how it affects others.

I know, from experience, that you can spend a ton of other people's time without even realizing it. 

I think the solution to this problem is to enable others to do things that they want to do. Pulling teeth is never the solution. 

You can incentivize them. They can be really smart and motivated people. You can pay them a lot. You can feed them. Etc.

But at the end of the day, you cannot teach them to be excited about what it is you are doing. 

They have to do that part on their own.

You cannot force enthusiasm. 

So I am a big effort in letting other people decide what they want to do...what they enjoy...what they want in life. 

And then, from there, I try to answer the question of "how can I help them live the best versions of themselves?"

I have no agenda. Just to be helpful.