Artificial Artificial Intelligence (AAI) Explained

Concept best explained by the experts! Credit:

Artificial Artificial Intelligence (AAI) ExplainedConcept best explained by the experts! Credit:

Concept best explained by the experts! Credit:

The paradigm shift towards conversational / bot interfaces in response to consumer app fatigue has been accompanied by…

The last 3 months in the technology space have been wild. Every other day, it seems, a new bot is birthed into the world. You can catch up with all of those on Bot List!

The issue with this over-saturation is that there are many misconceptions in the space. Particularly I want to focus on the use of AI — or .ai.

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Bots can fabricate the sensation of artificial intelligence — but do not need to be true deep learning.

Most bots rely on fabricated answers. Pre-strung answers to predicted questions. These products automate human processes. Let’s call these artificial artificial intelligence. They help you with things that you do not want to be doing — but do not make decisions for you.

That, I think, is the major difference.

“Organic” artificial intelligence takes much longer to build. And that is why many companies have decided to fabricate this same sensation.

I think that building in this manufactured automation is the best way to go about building a bot. You are able to build a shorter fail loop and learn more about your customers — faster.

True deep learning takes years to master. And 99% of people interested in ai do not even know where to start (I am no expert, by any means). I think it would be best to stop using .ai if you are not truly using the technology.

The future will be much different with data and assistance from artificial intelligence. But in order to get to that future — we need to understand how to apply the technology. I think the best way to apply this sensation is to fabricate the feelings using automation and bots. AI is scalable, while Bots are scrappy. But that is the beauty of building a bot — it just works.

And there are many bots doing incredible things.

This is the bot I’ve been working on! Meet EVE:

Eve | Go Paperless
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