the little things

I wrote briefly yesterday about my latest project — bringing EVE to market! I wanted to talk a bit about how I am going to do the…

I wrote briefly yesterday about my latest project — bringing EVE to market! I wanted to talk a bit about how I am going to do the marketing. My goal is to double use-cases every week.

Marketing starts with the little things. My competitive advantage is that I am able to do things that no corporation has time to be worrying about. That is, perhaps the only thing I have going for me. I am starting at a clean slate — with an excellent product in hand.

I wanted to talk a bit more about the little things. The little things separate success from failures. I consider the little things to be the things no-one else wants to be doing.

Recently — The little things have been sorting through random blogs to find contact forms. The little things have been personalizing each and every message.

Get it — growth

Now I do not want to consider this endeavor a form of “growth-hacking.” Rather, I am on a mission to find people who would benefit from this product. My goal is never to force people to use a product. That is not helpful for the user OR us — the company.

My mission is to learn more about the customers as quickly as possible. I want to better understand customers so we can continue to build better products and service the community.

This continual form of iteration and high speed learning traces back to our competitive advantage. We can find out more about the consumer quicker than anyone else — in the world.

All of that is predicated on the notion that I can kick-start these conversations as quickly as possible.

You cannot fabricate a sense of virality. Even if you try to — you are only stagnating future, long-term growth.

But you can decrease iteration cycles. I want to find out as quickly as possible if there and what is our product-market fit.

I believe in the problem we are solving — I just need to make sure others do.