Documenting Experiences

I think there is something really cool about being able to look back on the past year and reflect over all of your experiences, memories, learnings, failures, etc.

Technology has enabled us to do this in such a way never before possible.

We carry around supercomputers in our pockets that take high quality photo/video/notes and we can use them anywhere in the world. 

Wild, right?

But at the same time, "documenting our life" forces us to not be present. And, IMO, that is extremely dangerous. 

And I think it is getting worse. 

Try going out with your friends to dinner. Everyone is on their phones.

Try going on a subway. Everyone is on their phones.

Try hiking. Everyone is taking pictures the whole time.

At what point is documenting our life not worth it ?

At what point is that distraction that forces us out of the present not worth the expense? 

What is the solution to this? Are young people screwed?