DronesMy dad recently purchased a drone — one of the nice ones. The DJI Mavic Pro.

My dad recently purchased a drone — one of the nice ones. The DJI Mavic Pro.

I have to say, as this is really my first “hands-on” experience using a drone, that using it is quite incredible.

In literally seconds, you can have a drone flying above your head taking pictures, videos in HD.

You can fly hundreds of feet in the air.

Move side to side really quickly.

It is amazing.

I have to think, however, what would happen if everyone had a drone? And perhaps not just us consumers, but businesses also began relying on drones for things.

What happens when drone roads are built?

What happens when drones fly themselves?

Is this a better world ?

Is it more efficient?

Noise pollution?

These are tough questions to answer. Who will answer them?

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By jordangonen on December 30, 2017.

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