Customer Service Bots

TL;DR I Hate Humans (not really)

Customer Service BotsTL;DR I Hate Humans (not really)

TL;DR I Hate Humans (not really)

As of late, I have had some really really bad experiences with customer service support. Just the other week, I had a two hour struggle to fix my paypal account. Come on! It is 2016. Why should I be forced to listen to painful hold music for hours so that someone on the other end could tell me “there is nothing” they could do.


I am not putting the blame, persay, on the under-equipped support employee — it is not their fault they do not know what the hell is going on or how to fix my problem.

But the simple truth is this: As a customer I want access to the best possible support — i.e: to fix my problem in the shortest time possible with the least amount of struggle. And, to me, the answer to that is not blanket question help pages that are not specific enough to solve my problem. The answer is also not an automated service that recites more blanket answers.

While it will start slowly, I think a big opportunity to help fix this customer service problem is with bots!

Bots that are equipped with the right information to solve my problem. Bots that I do not have to wait for to pick up my call. And bots that are understood clearly — they can’t hang up!

This will start slowly — as they are definitely not ready yet…but I really believe in this experience.

I think the best application for it right now is in hotels. I really want to see a “bot” as my concierge. Someone that holds the answers to the same simple questions.

“What time does the gym open”

“Best places to eat”

“Can I replace my key”

These are prime for automation! I want to see someone do it.

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