Challenging my creativity

Challenging my creativity

I have been cranking out these blog posts for a while now. For almost a year, I have published a blog post every single day.

And that is really just a fraction of the content I have written and published over the past year. Since that very first day in February, I have written for tons of brands and influencers on many different publications in addition my on my personal blog.

TL;DR — I write a shit ton.

I am definitely not the best writer by any means. I write to think clearly. I write for exercise. I write to relax.

As an externality of writing, I have gotten so many things. Jobs. Friends. Etc.

I am at a point, approaching that year, where I am cranking out these short, stream of consciousness style blog posts every single day quite comfortably. The issue is that I am not getting to a point where some days I am no longer fully challenging my creativity. I am getting comfortable.

The quantity of blog posts is no longer the issue. As I have proven to myself, if I really want something — I can get it.

The question now becomes, how can I uphold a quality AND produce consistently. Do I invest more time in writing higher quality blog posts? Do I start challenging myself a different way? I am not sure. That is a question I am going to answer in the next couple of weeks.

I do not think this daily blog is going away any time soon. But perhaps I can find ways to dramatically make it better.

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