My latest projects

My latest projects

Hey! Thought I’d share a quick post to update some people as to what I am / have been working on lately.

The first thing is that my new site is almost done — meaning I’ll be moving all of this content to a new home. That is super exciting.

I like the work balance this semester. I am launching a lot of things and learning a ton.

I am helping scale and working with some startups on the side.

I also like working on projects. Here is a list of projects I have helped release lately:

Templates for Gmail
Write emails using Templates for Gmail. The easiest way to create and customize functional templates that live in your…
IPO List 🦄
Curated list of publicly traded tech companies. Get insights on the most valuable technology IPOs. 💰
Celebrate Immigrants
Openness is at the core of the American DNA. Immigrants are our friends, coaches, teachers, family members-they are the…

I’ve got a few more coming — that are in beta stages now — that I am also really excited for.

I am also exploring opportunities for this summer!

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