Let the Words Fly

As I have written about several times before, I publish essays as a means to exercise my brain. I write to think! I write to learn, about myself and the environment around me. I write to build conviction around ideas and test hypotheses. 

That is why you may notice that my writing style is very conversational and free-flowing. It is not because I am a careless writer, but rather because I amplify my stream-of-consciousness during these writing sessions. These “brain dumps” are raw feelings of presence, where I am fully concentrating on translating my meta-thoughts onto the screen ahead of me. I enable my Monkey Mind, let it run around and dance on the page. 

This is a rare thing for me, as during the day, when I am surrounded by society, I often must control and harness our thoughts. We must fit into a mold. We must restrain our egos. 

Writing is an opportunity to unleash…to be free…to let the words fly out of our brains. 

Sure, saying things is very different from doing things…But great ideas and thoughts are incredibly rare and it is becoming increasingly challenging for us modern humans to filter signal from noise and identify and strengthen our best theses. 

I cover the word count while I am writing because I have no critical objective. I have no one to impress. I am nothing. I have no expectations. I have freedom to fail. I can mkae typos. 

I also have the freedom to suffer. I have the ability to live with being wrong. And I am wrong a lot. I have written now likely dozens of essays with naive claims that I am embarrassed by and now disagree with. 

“Letting the words fly” is a conscious choice I make. Of course it has tradeoffs. And I acknowledge them all of the time…

No essay of mine is perfect.

No essay wins awards or will be turned into a book.

These short spurts are raw glimpses into the depth of my mind. 

Enjoy them, if you want. But do not do me any favors by reading me because this writing is for me. 


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