On Building Conviction

I deeply admire individuals who show strong conviction. I particularly praise people who show belief in a controversial topic. Now I do not believe that the devil necessarily needs an advocate. I do not think that “disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing” is anything particularly noteworthy. The internet has an abundance of negative pessimism. What we lack, though, are courageous people who believe in a genuine, yet unpopular truth. 

This is not an easy thing to do. I have always been fascinated in these type of ideas…how does an individual build conviction around a topic or idea where common peers reject its notion? 

How does one fight for the truth in a world of convenient luxury? 

This is especially true and in fact amplified on college campuses, where groupthink is widespread and “challenging the status quo” is a foreign concept. 

I subscribe to the notion of crafting strong opinions, but holding them weakly. While I emphasize this open mindset, I think, in a world of complete harmony, we must learn to harness and unleash our egos. At times, we must let the words fly…go full throttle. 

I think that I really enjoy exposing myself to individuals who have strong conviction over certain topics. In fact, I find, time and time again, I care far less about the content of the topic and far more about how strongly an individual believes in said topic.

It can be technology or horseback riding…I admire true believers. Of course, the second layer filter is me analyzing exactly what the individual has a strong belief in, but I find so few people even get me to that point.

I enjoy people who read past the headlines and have very sophisticated views about a particular area or field. 

It is that type of individual who challenges me to deepen my intellect and explore new territory. 

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