On 10 Things That Require Zero Talent

No Excuses

On 10 Things That Require Zero TalentNo Excuses

No Excuses

Being On Time, Work Ethic, Effort, Body Language, Energy, Attitude, Passion, Being Coachable, Doing Extra, Being Prepared

This is so good. There are no excuses for not bringing these to work every single day. And trust me when I tell you that just these skills can bring you a very long way. They are really simple, straightforward — yet there is a shortage of them in the workplace. I’d like to touch on a few of them that mean a lot to me.

Being on Time

Timeliness is super important to me. While it does not have to be everyone’s priority, it has always been mine. To me, timeliness is a sign of showing how much you care about someone else. If you are late to things, you don’t care as much about the other person’s time.

Yes, people are late all the time and are not going to be ex-communicated for it.

But there is a special appreciation I have for people organize their day in a way that they do not come late to things.

Body Language

Body language reveals more about you than your words do. People can tell when you do not want to be at work.

In the same way, I view this as a gauge for carelessness. People who have poor body language show that they do not want to be there.

I want to work with people that want to work with me.

These are just a few! But share with your friends! Thanks so much 🙂

Woah. You read the whole thing! Thank you so much. I’d really appreciate if you shared this with a friend!

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