Update: Disrupt Cards

Update: Disrupt Cards

For those of you who do not know, some 4 months ago a few friends and I decided to make a really stupid card game.

Dubbed “Disrupt Cards,” the game pokes fun (quite aggressively) at all of the good and bad parts of the startup world. It has been quite the journey. Filled with ups and downs. Green and red. Shouting. Tweeting a bunch. The other day we were featured on CNN and Inc.

The last thing I’d ever thought I’d make was a fucking card game. But hey, we did it. And we are still doing it. And it is “kinda working.”

FYI: the game is still for sale and it is a ton of fun! You can pick up a box here for you, your friends, your enemies, your bosses, your coworkers, or even your investors. I would really appreciate the support.

I have learned so much from this project, putting it into words probably does not do this justice. For that matter, happy to chat with anyone via phone or in person if you are curious!

But the single biggest lesson that I hope to communicate with anyone reading this is that execution reigns supreme. That you can take a really stupid idea and turn it into a really stupid card game and people will actually buy it.

Now not all ideas are created equal. There are bad ideas. There are good ideas. Let’s not put too much emphasis on the idea, though. This game only happened because we were stupid enough to make it. The emphasis, here, is on the making it. Most people will never “make.” That is the clear distinction and that is why side projects can be a good thing.

Focus is also important. If you want to build a huge company, you probably do not have time to work on stupid little projects. I’d argue that you should focus on interesting problems and things that matter.

But, this project clearly is not one of those. It is not a project that is going to really change the world. It was an experiment, a lesson, and we happened to deliver a ton of value to people. Thousands of people have played the game and gotten a ton of fun out of it. That is super humbling to know. Even if it is just a stupid game.

I think side projects are good for stimulating your brain and creative muscles. They are good for practicing execution and working on the little aspects of business. But do not get me wrong — this is not a full fledged business. This is a project, and was a great way to learn.

Last call to action — BUY THIS GAME , if you want. We’d appreciate it.

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