How We Consume Information Is Changing

How I’ve Been Using Hardbound to Accelerate It

How I’ve Been Using Hardbound to Accelerate It

How I’ve Been Using Hardbound to Accelerate It

The Way We Consume Information Is Changing

O the times are a changing.

I spend many hours a day staring at a screen. Most of my time spent on the device is watching, reading, or listening to different sorts of information. The end goal for all of these “media” — be entertained or learn something new.

Hardbound calls that edutainment and they are approaching it in a new, “better” way.

You see, the problem with conventional media is that it is not optimized for us. We view media in comment threads, strings, scrolling feeds — things great for interaction but not ideal for learning and being entertained. And that is the goal with media — achieve some sort of “edutainment,” while maintaining a great user experience.

Scanning through threads is not the best way to understand information. So check out this Hardbound story here (try it on your phone!):

How Humans Learned to Cross the Ocean
Have you ever wondered how we-homo sapiens-figured out how to sail across oceans? Here’s a quick, illustrated story…

Isn’t that better? Smooothe and enjoyable. Hardbound is making these long form stories and pumping them out quickly!

My Involvement

I was a big fan of my first experience with hardbound — so much so that I contacted Nathan Bashaw because I knew that I needed to get involved.

But I wanted to use this beautiful display in a different area: starting with Product Hunt live chats! I wanted to use Hardbound to clean up Product Hunt recaps in a stream-lined way.

So I did it.

With Gary Vee

I retold the story of Gary Vaynerchuk’s experience on Product Hunt! It was a success!

I’d love to hear what you think the future of media consumption will look like!

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