What is Going On With Snapchat

TL;DR VCs have invaded

What is Going On With SnapchatTL;DR VCs have invaded

TL;DR VCs have invaded

When Evan Spiegel and his college friends decided to launch snapchat, I promise you they did not see Mark Suster and Justin Kan sharing their wisdom as a target use case. I don’t think anyone did.

Snapchat is Changing

I love getting advice straight from my phone screen every morning on snapchat from Ryan Hoover, Hunter Walk, Justin Kan, and Mark Suster…But it is so different from the reason I downloaded snapchat.

I first downloaded snapchat to send stupid pictures to my friends. To post stories at parties and of me traveling the world. I got it for entertainment and to communicate! And I think even that mission is greater than snapchat’s original thesis.

I don’t think it was ever designed to be a learning medium. But weirdly enough — for some reason or another — people want to watch their friends drink next to getting some bomb advice from Justin Kan on his spin cycle. Why is that ? Why do we look for professional development in a “for fun” application.

Why did this happen?

Snapchat never forced me to use it in a certain way. Its always been a free-reign app (almost too free). That has allowed users to adapt the use-cases in all sorts of ways.

Now, even businesses and colleges have snapchat accounts!

From this, I learned to always let your customers do the creativity for you! You cannot employ everyone, but you can allow them to innovate within your own environment — creating new channels for you!

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