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Build More Side Projects

Project-Based LearningBuild More Side Projects

Build More Side Projects

I have always believed that the absolute best way to learn is to just go do it, right now. And as of late, I have seen a lot of people talking about plans for the future and less doing things to get there sooner (or at all).

The best way for college students interested in tech to learn is to build side-projects, a ton of them — (and then post them to Product Hunt) and get a ton of love from Ryan Hoover.

Building side-projects is the bridge connecting the classroom to the real world. What is in between si the creativity you can bring from your own experiences.

I wish that at my college, more people were building side-projects. I love seeing and shipping product to customers.

So I have reached out to a couple more talented friends than me and we are going to start practicing and pumping out really simple ideas. Simple things, that most likely no one else has really built — but they won’t be perfect.

But we are going to learn so much by doing this — we will learn how to develop an idea, quickly build a version of the product, ship it to customers (on Product Hunt), and measure success!

I challenge you to do the same!

Woah. You read the whole thing! Thank you so much. I’d really appreciate if you shared this with a friend!

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