How I Decide What to Write About

it’s not rocket surgery

How I Decide What to Write Aboutit’s not rocket surgery

it’s not rocket surgery

I have written a blog post every single day for the past couple of months. I’ve written about a variety of things: tech, biz, college, thinking, self-awareness, failure…the list goes on and on. Naturally, the question is:

How do I come up with what to write about?

I wish I had a more complex, scientific methodology for how I choose what to write about. But the blunt truth is that I just write.

Ok that is not the answer you were looking for…So I’ll try to do a better job:

Essentially a lot of my day is spent consuming information. I love learning and I do that in a lot of different ways — reading stories and talking to people. Perhaps I do this more than most people, but I find that I absorb a lot of thoughts (topics) after a day. And those thoughts are the ones that I write about.

Most of the time I do not really have to deep dive research into what I am writing because I have been reading about the topic for a while. Subconsciously, I have been brainstorming what I am going to write about and then I put it all on the screen.

And the more I write, the better my subconscious gets at collecting information and preparing for it to be written.

A post that once took me X amount of time now takes me half that. And I think my thoughts are becoming more coherent (not entirely sure though).

The best part about this is that coming up with topics quickly allows me to spend the most amount of time writing — AKA telling the story. This allows me to learn a TON (about myself and my storytelling abilities) and have a product (a post) to customers (readers) super quickly.

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